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A HUGE thank you goes out to everybody who supports us, fundraises for us and gives their time to volunteer and help. You really do make a difference, so thank you from all the adults and children at Yes You Can.





A big thank you to...

-Warminster Town Council
-Warminster Area Board
-The Fudge Trust
-Wiltshire Community Foundation
-Warminster Fairfields Solicitors
-Warminster Forrester Sylvester Mackett
-RACS group
-Warminster Morrisons store        
-Warminster Waitrose store
-Warminster Park Community Centre
-Kingdown Community School for their continued support
-Aspire Defence
-David Wiltshire
-Hair Masters
-Top to Toe
-Bride by Design
-Bishopstrow House
-Centre Parcs
-Wiltshire Caravans
-Sambourne School


-Everyone who plays our monthly lottery
-Our amazing and wonderful volunteers who give up their time to help run and support Yes You Can
-All those involved in organising and running fundraising events
-Imagine Photography
-The Organ Inn
-Boomerang Play Centre
-Rotary Club of Westbury
-Taste Deli
-Roland John
-The Acron Trust
-Warminster Southern Co-op Funeralcare
-Warminster Atheneum
-Cow Parsley


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